8 Bodyblitz Challenge started Monday March 5 and finishes Saturday April 24. We'll be running one again very soon so stay in touch by following us on Instagram or Facebook

Over 8 weeks you’ll build your strength, max your cardio, get fit and learn how to eat well. Brad and Ricky will be there every step of the way and help you become a new you.  Call Brad on 0402 223 5902 or email to book your place

8 week challenge

It all starts with an initial weigh-in and measurement. We'll work with you to create your own fitness goals according to where are in your fitness journey.

8 weekly group sessions

They'll be 8 group sessions across each week to fit in with the busiest schedules. We change it up with cardio to burn calories and strength sessions designed to increase your metabolic rate and build tone.  FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SESSIONS >

8 weekly eating plans

Your'll receive 8 weekly eating plans with guidelines on eating healthy and breaking old habits. We'll be on hand with advice and support to help you keep on you on track. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT BRAD AND RICKY >

8 weeks use of the gym

To boost your group sessions the gym will be available at designated times during the week so you can keep going at your individual pace and get to your fitness goals sooner.

8 weeks to a new you

At the end of 8 weeks you'll be fitter, happier and ready to go.