Kids fitness clasess

Get the kids fit, happy and off your backs. We'll take them through their paces with a combination of skill based exercises and games that will get them laughing while teaching some basic fitness moves. Suits kids aged 5 and above.

+ Monday afternoons at 4.30- 5.15pm
+ Each session 45 minutes
+ $12 per kid

+ BODYFIT 3/5 Graham Road HIGHETT
+ Bookings essential


The class is made up of exercises focussed on improving agility, balance, concentration and things like their ball skills. We end with some relaxation techniques so we hand them back relaxed, fit and attentive.

Other stuff
All our trainers are fully qualified in working with and training kids – we'll keep them safe and happy! Watch out for school holiday program in upcoming Christmas break,

Call Brad 0402 223 590 or email us to reserve your space