There are many ways to pay for Group Training – you can pay weekly, buy 10 packs or come casually and pay as you go.
Call 0402 223 590 or email to book your spot and find out more. 


FROM JUNE 1 2019


  • Unlimited group sessions

  • Weekly rate pre-paid each Sunday

  • Can be suspended for holidays

1. Unlimited sessions. Go to unlimited group sessions each week SESSION TIMES

2. Weekly pre-paid. The $45 rate must be "pre-paid" on the Sunday night before the following week's sessions. Payments made into the following bank account:
Brad John Cuskelly – WESTPAC
BSB 733-060  ACCOUNT NUMBER: 55-6877
If the client choose to cancel the offer or a payment is not paid by 11.59pm on the Sunday night for the following week – all sessions attended after will be charged on the Casual Session Fee of $25 per session

3. Suspension. Weekly payments can be suspended for holidays at no extra charge. The suspension must be in weekly blocks (1-4 weeks). Minimum of 1 week suspension and no more than 4 weeks within a 12 month period. 


FROM JUNE 1 2019

$200 for 10 pack of sessions

  • Great cost per session

  • Go at your own pace

  • Pre-paid in full

  • Must be used within 10 weeks of purchase

  • No refunds or suspensions available

1. Great cost. Buy 10 pack ahead to get a great cost per session SESSION TIMES

2. Pre-paid in full. The $200 must be pre-paid in full before starting the first session of the 10 PACK. You will receive a 10 PACK VOUCHER by text on receipt of money.

3. Must be used within 10 weeks. The 10 sessions must be used within 10 full weeks of the purchase date as shown on your 10 PACK VOUCHER.

4. No refunds or suspensions. Once payment of $200 is received there will be no refunds available. The 10 pack must be used within a 10 week period within date of purchase and can not be suspended for holidays or any other reason.



FROM JUNE 1 2019

$25 per session

  • Pay-as-you-go

  • Go to as many sessions as you like

  • Must be paid at start of session

  • No time limit

1. Your own pace. Choose how many session that you go to each week. SESSION TIMES

2. Pay as you go. Just pay on the day – must be paid at the beginning of each session.

3. No time limit. You can come in as often as your busy lifestyles allows.